Handing out digital gift cards are an excellent way to grow your business, expand your customer base, and create brand loyalty. While this sounds great at first, one thing businesses must consider is the time and energy behind managing these gift cards. For example, records should indicate who a gift card was sent to, how it was sent, when it was sent, whether it was used, and whether it impacted the customer’s future purchases. This record keeping can prove quite challenging. The good news comes with the advent of digital gift card platforms.

With this gift card management software, businesses can easily send, track, and manage these unique rewards. In addition to the ease of use, consider how else gift card management software can benefit your business.

Positive Customer Experience

Gift card management software eliminates the guesswork for customers by allowing them to view their card’s information and balance online. Gone are the days when you have to go into a store and spend money before finding out how much you have to spend. The software also allows customers to activate their gift card online rather than calling an 800 number. This saves time and frustration.

Simply Operations

Tracking transactions is a tedious task, especially when it’s done by hand or through Excel—not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly difficult to even know whether the card has even been used! Businesses can use gift card management software to track the transactions made with each gift card as well as other valuable information. Such information can include where the money was spent, whether it was spent online or in-person, and whether the customer continued to purchase from the business that issued the card in the first place once the card’s funds were exhausted. This information can help businesses make critical and educated decisions.


Gift card management software allows businesses to customize gift cards for their customers. In turn, customers feel special in the fact that they’ve received something unique. The software allows businesses to track customer spending, which allows businesses to hand out gift cards that align with the customers’ particular spending habits. As a result, customers are more likely to use the funds for their favorite products. This also benefits the issuing business.

Integration into Current Marketing Agendas

Gift cards shouldn’t cut into your current marketing methods and create a dent or obstruction. Gift card management software allows businesses to integrate gift cards seamlessly into their marketing agendas. There’s no need to revamp current processes.

Multiple Distribution Methods

Another way gift card management software can benefit your business is by reaching the right customers at the right time in the right place. This software can help businesses determine which delivery method is right for which customer—whether it’s via email or SMS text message. Businesses can even print out gift cards with a scannable QR code on it, making this perfect for in-person promotions and events.

Features of a Quality Gift Card Management Program

Some gift card management software is better than others. TruCentive software features a variety of helpful qualities, including the ability to:

The Benefits of Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards have a number of benefits, both for companies and customers alike. Customers love being noticed and rewarded for their loyalty, and companies enjoy the financial gain and brand recognition digital gift cards offer. They can be an especially lucrative opportunity for businesses, especially around the holiday season.

Because of their digital nature, e-gift cards can be distributed virtually anywhere. Companies can “hand them out” during important business meetings, trade shows, and lectures. Companies can also distribute them as part of a rewards program and incentive for employees.

Other benefits of digital gift cards include:

Expanding Your Reach

Because of their digital nature, e-gift cards can be sent virtually anywhere. When these gift cards are passed on to family or friends, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s simply an opportunity for your company to acquire new customers. You may even expand your business’s treasury as well, as people tend to spend more money when they have a gift card because they know the card will cover a significant portion of the cost.

Excellent Advertising Tool

Digital gift cards are a great advertising tool, especially when you customize your cards to feature your company’s specific logo. This recognition can lead to more sales and a stronger customer base.

Ideas for Sending Digital Gift Cards

When sending a digital gift card, the purpose and delivery are key. Some ideas for sending digital gift cards include:

When someone abandons their cart. When a potential customer abandons their cart mid-purchase, set up your website to send a coupon or digital gift card. This may be just the push they need to complete their transaction.

When someone hasn’t shopped in a while. Customers like to feel special. One way to meet this innate human desire is to recognize when they haven’t shopped with your business in a while. After a certain amount of time passes, send out a gift card to the customer via SMS or email.

To reward loyalty. Everyone likes to be rewarded for their loyalty. Treat dedicated customers to a gift card with a customized message. You’ll show your appreciation, and they’ll resolve to buy from you even more.

To celebrate a birthday. There’s nothing like a happy birthday email or text with a gift card to make someone’s day. Your gift card management software can store important data such as customer’s birthdays, so you can automatically send out a digital gift card each year their special day rolls around.

How Gift Card Management Software Can Benefit Your Business