Once you’ve established a gift card program at your business, you must find ways to incentivize and familiarize your customers with the benefits of it. By utilizing these four ways to maximize your gift card program, you can take actionable steps to improve customer participation.

Make Cards Visible

Customers won’t get gift cards if they don’t know you have them. Many companies invest in gift card programs but then tuck them away behind the counter without anything advertising them. You should always have a gift card display set up on your register counter where every customer will see it when checking out. Around the holidays, you’ll get some impulse buys. And placing the cards there will always serve as a consistent reminder and incentive to get one.

Prepare Cards for Gifting

Gift cards pretty much always act as presents—gift is in the name, after all! So make sure that your cards come in a sleeve or small wrapping so that people don’t have to wrap them. Providing this will increase the convenience for your customer. Also, since many people will place that gift card sleeve inside a card, you should make sure that it isn’t too bulky. A sleek festive wrapping for your gift cards will be a nice touch that customers appreciate.

Offer Loyalty Rewards

Gift cards can also work great as incentives for your most loyal customers. If you have a loyalty rewards program, you can give out a gift card with an amount of your choosing once a customer has spent a certain amount. That way, they’ll feel motivated to spend more at your store, and they’ll receive a reward with store credit to continue their habit of visiting your business.

Target the Holidays

Gift cards are crucial to holiday sales because they help boost sales in the slow month of January. After the holidays, when people often use their gift cards, they’ll most likely spend more than the gift cards are worth. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to gain a profit bonus during the time of year when most companies see a downtick in sales.

That’s why you want to push your gift cards the hardest in the time leading up to the holidays. Special Christmas, Kwanza, or Hanukkah wrappings will help your cards stand out. You can also pair your cards with specialty items or gift baskets to make them perfect holiday party presents.

After exploring these four ways to maximize your gift card program, you can begin improving how your business displays and uses its gift cards. If you’re interested in using a digital gift card platform for your company, reach out to TruCentive!