Whether it is a sweepstake or an individual reward for every participant incentives increase the rate of response to company surveys. Learn the three reasons why survey incentives increase response rates among consumers.

Motivate the Consumer

When a client decides to fill out a survey, it is typically for one of the following three reasons: they want to be helpful, they enjoy the topic, or they are seeking some kind of reward. Most consumers won’t fall into the first two demographics, so the easiest way to incentivize them is by offering a tangible benefit for their participation. While there isn’t evidence that an incentive increases how much time an individual is willing to dedicate to the task, the reward brings them into the discussion. From there, you can start to build a dialogue between your clientele to improve your business practices.

Reward Them for Their Time

Part of building a relationship with your clients is showing them that you value their time. It’s a sign of respect that they will notice and appreciate. By rewarding them for taking time out of their day, you can display the value that your business places in your customer’s convenience. Research supports this theory as well, showing that the likelihood of someone filling out a survey increases by 30 percent when they’re offered an incentive.

Target Hard To Reach Demographics

If you are looking to receive feedback from a particular demographic of your customer base, you can tailor-make your incentive to increase the involvement from hard-to-reach groups. This practice is done by offering non-monetary incentives.

For example, getting white-collar professionals like bankers or doctors to fill out a survey can be challenging due to their busy schedules. However, you can increase their likelihood of participating by offering a reward specific to them, such as a pen or leather-bound journal. Just as you would with any other aspect of your business, listen to your clients and fill their needs.

After checking out the three reasons why survey incentives increase response rates, it’s easy to see how such a practice could benefit your company. If you choose to dispense your motivation in terms of store credit, TruCentive’s gift card management software can help you track and control your offerings.