4 Creative Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Working remotely has its share of benefits, from wearing slippers to waking up later.

Working remotely has its share of benefits, from wearing slippers to waking up later to saving money on commuting. But remote work has its share of pitfalls, too. Employees that don’t consistently work in the office (or work in the office at all) tend to feel isolated from their coworkers, distant from the company, and become disengaged. At some point, even the most dedicated and enthusiastic remote employee is going to fall into a slump and need a gentle push out of it. From gift cards to employee recognition days, here are four creative ways to keep remote employees engaged.

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4 Creative Ways To Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Communicate Well

Communication is critical for remote workers, not only by what is said but also in how the communication is delivered. Managers can feel burdened by consistently needing to check in or connect with their remote team, and their team can feel like their manager’s emails and messages feel forced or fake. By communicating well, managers won’t feel like interactions are a chore, and employees won’t feel stressed or put off by the interaction. Some ideas for communicating well include:

  • Reaching out at predetermined days and times
  • Reaching out when there is a true need
  • Using chat programs and enforcing expectations for their use
  • Know when to chat, when to call, and when to video call

Assign Responsibilities

It’s easy for remote workers to feel like they’re shipwrecked on an island. One creative way to keep remote employees engaged is to assign them responsibilities. They could contribute to a company newsletter, host a meeting, or lead a fun teambuilding activity.

Give Away E-Gift Cards

Digital gift cards are a great way to spur motivation and reward employees for a job well done. Companies can send e-gift cards quickly and easily to an employee’s email address or mobile device. Whether it’s $10 for a coffee, $50 for going above and beyond, or $300 as a special bonus, e-gift cards are a great way to keep employees engaged. Companies can choose, send, and track the digital gift cards they send employees through employee recognition and reward software programs.

Improve Remote Work Experience

It can be difficult to put your all into your work when your workspace is less than ideal. Companies can set aside a special budget to help remote workers set up a great workspace. Whether it’s mailing stationery, shipping a standing desk, or sending a bonus for lamps, plants, and desk décor, there are many things that employers can do to help employees improve their remote work experience and get re-engaged in their work.