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Meetings, Events, Demos, and Surveys

Using Incentives to Increase Marketing & Sales Campaign Participation

Learn how leading brands are using incentives to drive engagement for Meetings, Events, Demos, and Surveys.

In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive, we cover:

  • Key tactics your peers are using to enhance their programs
  • Letting your recipients choose their own incentive
  • How to mix up the delivery and design of your reminders
  • Why and when to use gated meeting incentives
  • When to play the economics of eGift cards to your advantage

With more online activity it’s getting harder to get and maintain interest. Review real-world tips and tricks organizations are using to tie incentives to programs that increase campaign participation to drive their revenue.

Grab a coffee and take 30 minutes for this fast-paced and informative free webcast.

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Increasing Campaign Participation with Incentives

Enhance your brand with every engagement while keeping 100% of the value of unclaimed incentives.

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Campaign Participation - Meetings, Events, Demos and Surveys - Incentive Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

Meetings, Events, Demos, and Surveys

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