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HubSpot Integration

Start delivering gift cards from HubSpot in less than one hour

TruCentive’s HubSpot Integration gives Marketing, Sales, and Support teams the ability to incentivize behavior, show gratitude, or show your appreciation when things don’t go as desired.  By simply changing an option in a HubSpot property, users can select one of their own pre-designed TruCentive projects to deliver the right message, the right reward or incentive, at the right time.   

Every aspect of your delivery including that first email and/or SMS message, reminders, and post-claim follow-up messages can be completely personalized to reinforce your message and your brand. 

Because our HubSpot integration uses standard HubSpot property changes, you can build gift cards into your program whether you want to trigger via a manual data change directly or from a workflow.

TruCentive Hubspot Integration
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Gift cards and funds delivery the easy way

Automate your rewards and incentives by setting a property value automatically in a workflow. Once you hand off delivery to your TruCentive project, it does the rest.

  • Delivery via email and/or SMS
  • Complete design control
  • Curate a selection from over 3000+ gift cards in 150 countries
  • Automate reminders
  • Send a follow-up message or request when your delivery is claimed
  • Get 100% of funds back on unclaimed gift cards
Recipients Choice Email

Deliver from a Contact Record or a Workflow

Simply Change a Value  to Launch a Delivery

Editing a HubSpot Property to

Add or Remove Options by Changing Property Values & Projects

Edit HubSpot Properties to

Connect your HubSpot account with TruCentive and start sending Merchant Gift Cards, Visa/MasterCard cards, PayPal, Venmo, Deposit to Debit Card, and Bank accounts in under an hour! 

Enhance your brand with every engagement while keeping 100% of the value of unclaimed incentives.

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