Improving B2B Outcomes with Digital Gift Cards

10 Ways Marketers are Improving Outcomes with Gift Cards

Whether you’re using coffee cards for survey participation or coupons to encourage customer feedback, digital gifts, coupons, vouchers, and rebates have become commonplace in the B2B marketing landscape. Here are 10 ways B2B marketers are enhancing their programs with B2B Gift Cards.

Learn to Use Incentives to:

  • Get more product reviews
  • Generate more sales meetings
  • Get customer feedback that is of real value
  • Encouraging more customer referrals
  • Accelerating new customer on-boarding
Improving B2B Outcomes with Digital Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great tool to motivate prospects, clients, employees, and partners to take action now.  And while an incentive should not be the main reason that a recipient takes action, it’s a great way to motivate them to take action when they do have a need and they are a part of your target audience.