Incentives in the Channel – Using the Science

How to use incentives to motivate your sales teams

Partners and their prospects often need that extra little push to assure success via the channel.  From webinar attendance to 1:1 calls, learn the psychology of incentives and how to use them to improve existing channel programs.

In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive, we covered:

  • Why incentives should NOT be the main reason for action
  • How vendors are shifting eGift card use and why
  • Incentive vs. loyalty programs
  • Making programs more interesting with themes
  • Why you should only pay for results – the economics of eGift cards
Using The psychology of incentives to enhance channel programs
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In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive we cover what has changed in the channel with regard to incentive programs. We look at everything from the types of projects, ie  Certification, referral, etc. to the problems vendors are having motivating partners.  We saw that vendors are spending more time focusing on the individual partner sales teams. We also saw an increase in training-focused projects. 

The good news is that incentive programs are working, partner incentives are being claimed, and partners are willing to invest in their teams. The bad news is that partners are adding more products limiting the time allocated to you and your products. Learn how your peers are using incentives to increase their channel success.