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Employee Gift Cards for Employee Appreciation & Recognition Programs

Employee gift cards are a great way to show employee recognition and appreciation!

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What are Employee Incentive Gift Card Programs?

Employee gift card incentive and reward programs are designed as a simple way for managers across the organization to show appreciation and drive engagement.  Using pre-designed templates with a personalized message,

Academic studies show that non-tangible rewards (such as employee gift cards) are as effective, if not more, as cash-based incentives.  According to the Incentive Research Foundation, 44% of employees agree that gift cards are the “best rewards to receive,” while 27% agree that they are “good rewards to receive.

Typical programs include holidays, birthdays, work anniversaries, and ad-hoc expressions of gratitude or congratulations. The key to successful programs is to make them easy. Complex programs are often left for another day leaving employees disappointed they were not recognized for their achievements or commitment to the company.

Employees love recognition for the work that they do. It builds motivation, increases productivity, and also cultivates a sense of loyalty toward the organization.

Benefits of Using TruCentive’s Physical & Virtual Gift Card Delivery Platform

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View of the broad selection of available eGift Cards
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Instant Virtual Delivery

Instant virtual delivery means sending gift cards worldwide via email or SMS in seconds. Whether you’re sending one or hundreds, deliveries always land on time and with your brand, message, and style. You now have complete control over the delivery of employee gift cards across your organization. Create approved projects that make it easy for everyone to recognize team members in ways that motivate without the costs associated with procuring and distributing physical cards.

Hundreds of Options

With over 2000 gift cards in 150 countries, TruCentive makes it easy to deliver egift cards, pre-paid Visa and MasterCard cards, or deliver funds with PayPal, Venmo, Deposit to Debit Card, or Deposit to Bank Account in ways that delight recipients. Deliver your brand and message at the right time, with the right incentive, automated reminders, and post-claim follow-up in the ways, people love to receive them: Email, SMS, or both!

Only Pay for What’s Redeemed!

With TruCentive, you only pay for rewards and incentives that are redeemed. Typical gift card programs have an 80.5% percent claim rate. Because we generate virtual gift cards when claimed, you eliminate waste. You set your delivery expiration date, and if a reward or incentive is sent to a wrong email address, a former employee, or is never claimed, your reward or incentive value is automatically returned to your account or specific project ready for future programs.

How Employee Gift Card Programs Work

View of the broad selection of available eGift Cards
Uploading a list of recipients to receive digital gift cards for an employee survey
Uploading a list of recipients to receive digital gift cards for an employee survey

1. Select Gift Card Brands

TruCentives’ expansive catalog allows you to incentivize employees worldwide with access to brands in over 150 countries. Send a single card,  curate a set of cards, or offer our whole catalog. TruCentive allows you to send employees digital gift cards with options that motivate and inspire.

2. Upload Employee Contact Information

Add one or thousands of employee recipients for instant electronic delivery. You choose who, how and the value delivered.  You’re in complete control! Include multiple addresses (SMS & Email) for each recipient, different values, and delivery times. 

3. Send Your Employees Gift Cards!

Sending digital gift cards has never been easier. With complete visibility of each recipient’s status, you’ll know when they viewed or claimed your delivery, and if you provided a choice, you’ll also know which virtual gift card your employees picked.  Include automated delivery reminders and a follow-up message after they have claimed their card. 

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