Employee Loyalty Programs

Boost employee retainment, show employee appreciation and improve employee engagement with style!

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Proactive Employee Loyalty

Employee job satisfaction and engagement factors are key ingredients of employee loyalty programs.

The leading contributors to job satisfaction*:

  • Respectful treatment of all employees
  • Compensation
  • Trust between employees/senior management
  • Overall job stability/security
  • Opportunities to utilize skills/abilities


The importance of proactively managing satisfaction is obvious, but actually doing so takes time and these tasks are often deferred for another day. However, the payoff for focusing on employee satisfaction—in terms of increased performance, productivity, employee morale, and quality of work, plus a reduction in both turnover and employee-related problems—is well worth the time and financial investment.


* SHRM’s Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement: The Doors of Opportunity are Open research report

Adding Rewards and Incentives

Adding rewards and incentives in gift cards, payments, and physical merchandise has typically been challenging for organizations. Time and logistical management are the two biggest reasons managers put off recognizing employees for another day.  Boosting employee loyalty with a quick thank you or congratulations has become easier than ever. The ability to deliver a reward or surprise bonus, and do it with style takes minutes with TruCentive, the All-in-One Incentives fulfillment and rewards delivery platform.


  1. Pick a pre-designed template
  2. Add your personalized message
  3. Pick your reward or incentive
  4. Add recipients and send!
Email thank you for working late with uber eats, grub hub, and door dash gift card options as part of an employee loyalty program

What are the Benefits of Employee Loyalty Programs?

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Boost Employee Retainment

61% of millennials say that non-traditional benefits make employers more attractive. (Forbes) Small tokens of appreciation go a long way to reinforcing a thank you, compliment, or congratulations. This is especially true when a gift card, funds, or physical merchandise is delivered with style and personalized for the recipient and occasion.

Show Employee Appreciation

The Journal of Personality & Social Psychology showed a simple expression of thanks by someone in authority led people to be 50% more productive. 52% of employees identified a gift card or merchandise (without a corporate logo) combined with words of affirmation as the most impactful demonstration of appreciation.

Improve Employee Engagement

According to Gallop, only 33% of employees are engaged in their jobs in the US. Recognition is the number one driver of engagement and the best way to make employees feel valued and motivate them to make that extra effort. Employee loyalty rewards, in the form of a gift card, physical merchandise, or quick payment personalized and delivered with a kind word, are one of the easiest ways that show appreciation with style.

Why Choose TruCentive’s All-in-One Employee Loyalty Program?

The TruCentive drag and drop email and landing page builder
Adding reminders and follow-up messages to a reward delivery
Viewing the Analytics and Reporting dashboard in the TruCentive Platform

Drag and Drop Builder

Create stunning messages that create a lasting impression. Start from scratch, or just drop your logo into one of our pre-designed templates and you’re ready to start your compelling gift card delivery for your next employee loyalty program. You have complete control over the structure and design elements of each message. And each message, recipient page, and reminder can be unique so you can mix up your tactics in a single program.

Customizable Campaign Automation

Design multi-step campaigns with reminders that get recipients to take action. You define the audience, set the timing, and how long a prospect has to respond before their incentive expires. Even add a follow-up email or SMS message after your recipient has claimed their incentive. You receive 100% of the incentive value to maximize campaign ROI

Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

Know the who, what, and when of each incentive. Understand which incentives have been viewed, claimed, and what type of card has been selected for recipient choice deliveries.

 I’m ready to see what TruCentive can do for me!

Get answers to your unique questions, and learn how others are using incentives in similar programs to the ones you’re planning. 

Seeing is believing!

  • Tell us about your requirements
  • We’ll cover the options for your strategy
  • We can create samples together to show the actual recipient experience via email and SMS
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