Survey Rewards and Incentives

Gift cards as Survey Rewards and Incentives increase survey participation!

One of the biggest problems organizations face when conducting surveys is low response rates; Survey Rewards & Incentives make a difference. Your survey may follow all best practices — a well-defined goal, a clear target population, simple and straightforward questions — and still fall short of receiving a sufficient number of responses. So, how do you encourage survey responses without jeopardizing the integrity of your results? To answer this question, we must first understand why participants complete surveys in the first place. It is generally understood that there are four main reasons why participants respond to surveys:

Connect with your favorite survey tool to automate instant rewards.

Incentives for Research

It is generally understood that there are four main reasons why participants respond to surveys:

  1. To be helpful to the researcher or society – Altruism
  2. Interest in the research topic
  3. Perceived self-benefit – by responding to survey, products or services will improve
  4. Direct incentives

Integrate your way

Many applications require you to connect to other applications the way THEY think you should. We know your systems and workflows are tailored for your business and how your team works. That’s why integration flexibility is paramount when implementing your survey rewards & incentives strategy.

  • Follow-up with your Thank You incentive immediately
  • Include next steps or other calls to action
  • Measure the impact with insights
  • Maximize ROI by only paying for claimed incentives

Quick and Easy & Higher conversions, happier recipients

Make it easy for your respondents to claim their incentive.  Send a single gift card or give them recipients choice and curate a selection of cards to choose from – Reminders and post-claim follow-up messages assure that you AND your incentives are remembered!

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